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Donating to Dunamis Ministries:

The most important part you can play in Dunamis Ministries is through regular prayer. If you can offer nothing else, we would covet your prayers of support for our ministry. Dunamis Ministries relies upon the generosity of fellow believers who support and believe in our work. Your financial support will help make it possible for Dunamis Ministries to continue to spread the Gospel throughout the globe and your support will aid in the future construction of The Freedom Worship Center. All gifts are fully tax deductible and genuinely appreciated. You may make either a one-time donation or you may sign up for a regular monthly gift. Please make checks or money orders  payable to: Dunamis Ministries P.O. Box 247 Columbus, MS 39703

Tithes and Offerings


Freedom Worship Center Fund

General Ministry Support 

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